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MAR 24
How Interactivity Can Increase the Value of Your Online Events

by Ian Kirk / 4d

Networking has always been an important part of the B2B world. Business professionals, vendors, and clients want to be able to connect, interact and learn from each other. Now that businesses are replacing trade shows, conferences and launches with online events, the content is still being delivered but the networking opportunities have fallen by the wayside. But digital platforms can also be gre

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How Can You Make Marketing Automation More Human for Better Results?

by Ian Kirk / 11d

If you’ve been keeping up with marketing research and best practices, you’ve likely noticed there are two seemingly contradictory trends in B2B marketing. On the one hand, we have to create more human relationships . On the other, we have to automate to scale up, be more efficient and effective and meet our customers’ expectations. However, when implemented correctly, these two trends aren’t actu

MAR 03
Email Design Trends to Give Your B2B Marketing a Boost

by Ian Kirk / 25d

B2B brands need to up the ante and think more creatively about their email marketing strategies. Ensuring your content is delivered to the right people is only half the battle. You also need to focus on how your emails look. Good design plays a vital role in making connections, generating trust and keeping subscribers engaged with your email campaigns. In addition to providing good content, you a

Accelerate the B2B Buyer Journey with Marketing Automation, Part 2

40by Ian Kirk / 25d

An effective content marketing programme depends on how well inbound channels distribute content and capture user data. In Part 2 of our marketing automation series, we dive into how to get the most from the core elements of content marketing. In Part 1 of Accelerating the B2B Buyer Journey with Marketing Automation , we introduced the idea of content marketing as integrative and interdependent a


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