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Downing Street defends not giving vaccine to police and teachers


Downing Street has defended the decision not to prioritise key workers such as police officers in the next phase of the coronavirus vaccine rollout. “The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation have advised that even in the under 50s.” This was said by a No 10 spokesman. They said that age remains the biggest single […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

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Washing uniforms at home ‘risks spreading Covid-19 to other surfaces’

by Masumbuko / 1d

Scientists have reinforced their recommendation that all health worker uniforms should be washed in hospitals or at an industrial laundry. Latest research showed coronavirus could survive on fabrics commonly used in healthcare. It also could spread to other surfaces for up to 72 hours. The team at De Montfort University Leicester used viruses similar to […] The post appeared first on Best Living

Covid surge testing started in third area in 24 hours after South Africa variant found


Public health authorities say the mutant strain has now been found in the East London borough of Redbridge, Essex. And all residents of a certain postcode are being urged to get tested. Another area will be targeted with coronavirus surge testing after the South Africa variant was discovered there. Everyone in one postcode in the […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

FEB 25
Vaccine clinical trials for Covid variants to start in summer, MPs told

by Masumbuko / 2d

Clinical trials of vaccines against new variants of coronavirus will start in the summer. This is to ensure updated boosters are available for the autumn if needed, Oxford’s lead vaccine researcher has told MPs. Prof Sarah Gilbert said her team was producing initial stocks of vaccine that targeted new variants. These are variants which were […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

Covid-19 Pandemic is a battle in the Life Journey under the sun


Covid-19 Pandemic is Life on earth that has a Beginning and an end. It has a start and it has an end too. It is a journey that has a start and it has a destination. There are 2 paths or ways – that every person that is born into this life may encounter while […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

FEB 24
First cases of South African Covid-19 variant detected in Northern Ireland


A confirmed case of the South African variant was “inevitable at some point”. But this did not mean that it would become the most prevalent or the dominant strain in the North. This is according to Northern Ireland’s Minister for Health Robin Swann. Under the Covid-19 regulations currently in force, all travellers arriving in the […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

Young and healthy Covid survivors left with longterm effects like kidney damage


Young and healthy people admitted to hospital with coronavirus are leaving with serious long-term problems, a study has found. A study presented to SAGE paints a stark picture. It is warning how even the youngest and healthiest coronavirus patients are being discharged with serious organ damage. Even the youngest patients with few underlying health problems […] The post appeared first on Best Li

FEB 23
Scientists find five crucial symptoms of ‘Long Covid’ – including hair loss

by Masumbuko / 3d

Scientists who were analysing long-term symptoms of Covid discovered that a total of 359 patients out of 1,655 suffered with hair loss More than 20% of coronavirus patients lose their hair within six months of being infected, according to a new study. And women are more at risk, scientists claim, following the research of patients […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

FEB 21
Coronavirus FAQs: Mammograms, Vaccine Ingredients … And Dogs Who Sniff Masks

by Masumbuko / 5d

I’m eligible for the COVID vaccine and due for a mammogram. Which should I do first? Definitely do both, says Dr. Lars Grimm, associate professor of radiology at Duke University. But if you can, schedule the mammogram. Either, before the vaccine or 4-6 weeks after the second dose. This is in keeping with new recommendations […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .

Lockdown hope as Israel eases restrictions following vaccine rollout

by Masumbuko / 6d

Israel has started easing lockdown restrictions as the number of people vaccinated against coronavirus nears 50 per cent. Shops, libraries and museums will be allowed to open from Sunday with social distancing and masks still required. It comes as Matt Hancock rubbished claims that Britain could host the entire Euros this year. This is after […] The post appeared first on Best Living Ways .


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