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Author and Aviator Les Abend Comments on United 328

by Natalie DeYoung / 6h

Les Abend offers his opinion and explanation of the United flight 328 incident on Saturday, February 20, 2021. Abend is a retired American Airlines pilot, writer for Flying Magazine, and CNN aviation analyst. He is also the author of PAPER WINGS, an aviation thriller. His article, "Pilot: What happens in an emergency like United 328" […] The post appeared first on WildBlue Press .

Carl Denaro: “This Book Is About My Quest To Figure Out Who Shot Me”

by Brian Whitney / 21h

As you read my book, you will see many details of the Son of Sam attacks that were ignored by law enforcement professionals and will read new information and updates on alternate suspects. Still, this is not an attempt on my part to finish Maury Terry’s The Ultimate Evil. Sure, this book is about my quest […] The post appeared first on WildBlue Press .

FEB 19

by Brian Whitney / 7d

In 1976, a killer who called himself ‘The Son of Sam’ shot and killed a half dozen people and wounded as many more in New York City. During his crime spree, the madman left bizarre letters mocking the police and promising more deaths. After months of terrorizing the city while garnering front-page headlines and international […] The post appeared first on WildBlue Press .

FEB 16
Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D.

by Joni Johnston / 10d

Dr. Joni Johnston is a clinical/forensic psychologist, private investigator, and crime writer. As a practicing psychologist, she has worked in a medium-maximum security prison, for the Board of Parole, for the Superior Court of San Diego, and as a workplace investigator of employee misconduct. She often performs violence risk assessments on mentally disordered offenders up […] The post appeared


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