Denim's World - Systemically Distorted Communication

Systemically Distorted Communication
This is a podcast that breaks down political and social issues in an attempt to discuss them honestly with regular people. It is solo and duo conversations between those who have both agreeable and disagreeable ideologies.

Texas and the Freeze
During this episode we discuss the current situation in Texas and consider arguments on both sides of the debate. We also have a little fun recalling a bit of our family history. -If you find this interesting give us a like and subscribe for more upcoming content. - If you'd like to be a guest, send and email with your desired topics to moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys#moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys
FEB 21
The Truth about the newest Wonder Woman film
This is episode 1 of our movie reviews. We broke down why Wonder Woman is so bad and why the average viewer gave it a 3.6 out of 10. I gave it a rate of 3 our of 10. This ended up being a bit longer than planned, but its all worth it. Contact moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys#moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys if you'd like to comment or dispute the points raised.
FEB 19
Spencer Interview 1 (Full Episode)
I talk with Spencer Fisken (Host of The Long Lost Explorer) about a wide range of current events including his thoughts on the capital riots and impeachment. Among other things, we also dabble in social justice, censorship, and the general social climate in the U.S. - If you would like to discuss any of these topics, please send an email to moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys#moc.liamg|noitacinummocdcimetsys
FEB 18
Introduction to Systemically Distorted Communication
In this introduction, I explain my motivation for creating Systemically Distorted Communication and what it is.
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