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With our range of motion control technologies you can motorize any product or application. Extensively found in the Home Automation and office Industries you will also see them used extensively in the entertainment business such as Robotics, animatronics, and more industrial places like farming and trucking. With our range of actuators, accessories and world-class tech support, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of automation at the fraction of the cost compared to hiring Automation Engineers. Whether you need to save space by lifting a TV in and out of view, or save lives by lifting heavy, bullet proof windows on your armored vehicles, FIRGELLI Automations has the best products for your project.

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How to make an RC Power Wheels for a Disabled Child

by Firgelli Automations Team / 3d

Meet Oliver and his power wheels jeep. Oliver is the grandson of a good friend of mine. Oliver has Cerebral Palsy, but don't let him fool you, he loves to ride around in a power wheels vehicle just like every other kid. Oliver has an issue with some spastic movements which keep him from driving the jeep himself. He likes his brother and all, but who wants to ride around with someone else when you

What Are Linear Actuators?

by Robbie Dickson / 3d

Since the electric motor invention, engineers have been searching for ways to use their principle of operation to generate linear motion instead of rotary motion. In the past century or so, they've devised a variety of ways to make this happen. The most common method of creating linear motion is using jackscrews, which, in essence, screw-like those that raise a car's chassis when turned. Jackscre

Top Benefits of White Labeling Your App

by Sisense


Serve actionable analytics capabilities without having to build the functionality from scratch.

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Classic Cadillac Turned Custom Sofa with a Automated Trunk Surprise

by Firgelli Automations Team / 7d

This classic Cadillac sports car turn custom couch centre piece has a surprise hidden inside its trunk. With a push of a single button, the trunk magically pops open and a bar arises from within. This show stopping effect is made possible through the use of FIRGELLI Automations wide range of electro-mechanical products. Firstly, the opening of the trunk and the rising of the bar are accomplished

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How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet

by Robbie Dickson / 16d

Want to build the perfect TV Lift Cabinet? Have you found the perfect spot for your TV but don't want it showing all the time? Maybe you need to save on space but can't find the right TV stand. How can you solve your design problem and your TV problem? There's great news! By installing a TV lift, you can have the best of both worlds. If the cost of a TV lift has you nervous, we've got good news f

What are the easiest drawer slides to install?

by Robbie Dickson / 16d

Drawer slides can be as easy or as hard as you allow them, and it all depends on what type of slide you choose. In this guide we are going to cover the many different types of Drawer slides on the market, the many different ways a slide can be fitted into a cabinet, and then some help tips for you to decide which is the ideal type you need for your application. This is allot to cover especially w

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How to build a hidden Projector Screen pop-out from a cabinet

by Robbie Dickson / 21d

Watch how this customer converted his dining room cabinet to a high tech piece of equipment that transforms into a large screen TV at the touch of a button. The Integration of Electronics and mechanical motion of this new home cabinet is both impressive and mechanically clever. This 2 stage Motion control robotics project is made possible by using one actuator that first lifts up the top molding


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