Game Tips

Do Search for Treasure everyday - once a day free gold and credits - reset is at midnight Eastern USA time.

Become Premium as soon as possible - better drop rate - less headaches.

If you cannot afford it or cannot pay with Paypal you can save up 2500 credits to purchase Premium membership.

Starting out. For those who cannot get premium right away.
Choose the female knight character. She regens 4 energy every 5 mins and has a energy cap of 200. Sorcerer and Sorceress are good but harder to level up at the start because they cannot use weapons/armor only spells/robes.

For those who purchase Premium right away
After going Premium change your character to whichever of the 4 premium character classes you like - they all have the same stats. Premium classes can use all weapons/spells/armor

Leveling up - Your overall level is 1/2 of your str+def levels rounded up. (str lvl + def lvl)/2
(IE: [str lvl 4 + def lvl 2]/2 = lvl 3 , [str lvl 989 + def lvl 10]/2 = lvl 500)

Do Explore the Gardens quest until it drops you a Basic Helmet

then do Help Broker Peace Between Warring Clans quest until it drops you a Basic Sword

then go back and do Explore the Gardens quest until you reach lvl 2 overall

At level 2 do Venture into the Dungeon until it drops an Eternal Flame Sword - limit 1

Now you can start fighting the bosses to get special drops

Alternate between training str and training def while fighting bosses - you need to get your defense up to 10 so you can do the limited 1 time a day Search through Treasures of a Lost City quest

Once your def is at 10 stop leveling defense - train str only

Lvl 1 Fire Horn Bird drops Dragonclaw Ring - limit 100
Lvl 5 Sea Creature drops Dragonclaw Crystal - limit 8 (start on this boss asap to get all 8 Crystals - then go back to FHB until you get all 100 rings)

Optional: At Lvl 10 you can do the Rebuild the Damaged Granaries
quest until it drops the Eternal Flame Shield - limit 1

Lvl 10 Skeleton Warrior also drops the Eternal Flame Shield - limit 1 (the quest gives less exp than you would get fighting the Skeleton Warrior)
Lvl 15 Centaur Knight drops Lightning Sword - limit 1

Lvl 20 Killer Siafu drops Steel Attack Boots - limit 1 as well as Fruit from the Tree of Life (which raises you health by 50 for each one owned) - No Limit

You will want to farm (kill over and over) this boss for as long as you can (which at this point until lvl 150)
in order to raise your health as high as possible

All bosses after this (up to lvl 675) also drop Fruit from the Tree of Life but have more health and take longer to kill. So farm the hell out of this ant.

*Remember to keep DEF at 10 - allows you to farm bosses longer - there is no need to raise def at all until your str is up to 1300 at least*

You can start leveling defense sooner if you feel you have enough health - but do not raise it over 275. Your goal is to hit lvl 800 with 275 defense. You will have 1324 Str and 275 Def at lvl 800.

At Level 150 you can no longer fight Killer Siafu - so move on to the next boss to continue farming Fruit from the Tree of Life - each boss will last for 25 more levels. (IE you will not be able to fight Serpent Master once you reach lvl 175, cannot fight Great Wolf at 200, etc.)

One error? Both Mordoraf and Skullcrusher Ogre become unavailable at 275 - so just move on to the Manticore

Do not bother fighting the Gold Golum (lvl 300 boss) at all - skip from Banshee to Stymphalian Bird. The reason for this is the Gold Golem has 100000 health - while the previous boss the Banshee has only 45000, and the next boss the Stymphalian Bird has only 50000.

At lvl 675 you get to fight the Black Dragon. This boss drops Pegasus Wings (which raise your maximum energy by 10 for each one owned) - no limit as well as Energy Potion (1) - no limit. You will want to practice the same farming practice as you did with Killer Siafu - fight this boss until it becomes unavailable at lvl 825.

Sometime before lvl 800 when you have stopped leveling str (1300 str is a good place to stop) and started leveling defense you need to do these quests:

Level 600
Collect Items Required for Mine Excavation
Item Drops:
Day 10 of 30 days: Pick (need 1)
Day 20 of 30 days: Mule (need 1)
Day 30 of 30 days: Blanket (need 1)

Level 700
Excavate the Sageiron Diamond Mine (requires 250 defense)
Day 10 of 50 days: Fruit from the Tree of Life
Day 25 of 50 days: Pegasus Wings
Day 40 of 50 days: Sacred Ark of Protection
Day 50 of 50 days: Sageiron Diamond Mine (Limit 1)

With those out of the way continue farming the Black Dragon until you have 1324 Str and 275 Def and lvl 800

Now you are ready to do the lvl 800 Quest
Help an Ally Defeat an Attacking Pazuzu Horde
Item Drops:
Day 10 of 75 days: Energy Potion (3)
Day 35 of 75 days: Pegasus Wings
Day 50 of 75 days: Emblem of the Fire Bird
*STOP at day 74*
Day 75 of 75 days: Fruit from the Tree of Life
Day 75 of 75 days: Pegasus Wings
Day 75 of 75 days: Cloak of Enchanted Luck (Limit 1) Only lasts for 10 minutes

Stop at day 74 of the quest - you will want to wait until you are at maximum energy before finishing this quest so you can farm bosses(or quests) with the Cloak of Enchanted Luck in effect (it raises chance of drops by 35%)

Always wait until your energy is full before finishing the cloak quest - use f5 to kill bosses faster - make sure to watch your health if you got impatient farming fruit.

Bosses after the Black Dragon can drop fruit, wings, or even both. At 825 you can no longer fight the Black Dragon - so continue on farming as you did before - with the next boss on the list until you reach lvl 975. (Always remember - do not raise defense above 275 - keeping your defense as low as possible allows you to farm bosses longer)

*Thanks to metalspring for this addition*

From: metalspring666
Subject: game tips

you might wanna add one really useful thing for after black dragon at 825…its what myself and a few others already do…forget all about the bosses and do 800 quest for luck cloak and ONLY use it for 300 quest (for holy grails/sacred arks) or 500 quest(firebird emblems) (i prefer 300 but some do the 500) doing this only till savage amazon adds a huge amount of str…i, myself get about 130-150 holy grails and only go up by one level when done so right now i should end up with well over 15k of grails…if i had started right from level 825 id probably be looking at closer to 20k…and i have no extra luck items, only premium and luck cloak…

just a useful tip to throw in there :)

At lvl 975 you will be able to fight the Savage Amazon. This Boss drops Sonduku Stones of Enlightenment (which increase energy regen rate by 1/5mins for each one owned) - no limit.
You will practice the same farming techniques - stay on this boss until she is gone OR until you reach lvl 1100.

At lvl 1100 you can fight the Golden Dragon. This boss drops the Mask of Courage (which increases your equip str by 25 for each one owned) - no limit. You can choose to switch to killing this boss at lvl 1100 or continue with Savage Amazon who you can fight until level 1150. You can fight the Golden Dragon until lvl 1275.

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