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FEB 18
Teaching Children Mindfulness


If you’ve grown up in fast-paced America, you, as an adult, may find it particularly challenging to learn how to be more mindful. Mindfulness, which started out as being considered New Age (a little crazy?!), has now been validated by a great deal of scientific research. Being mindful means you have slowed down enough to have a second-by-second awareness of your experiences without being self-jud

FEB 12
The Best Website Builder For Business

by Odoo


Build beautiful websites (and so much more) with Odoo’s user-friendly, fully-integrated business software.

Self Care – Are You Sleeping Enough?


Most everyone has heard that sleep is important to your health. That’s true enough! But did you know that poor sleep, both in quality and quantity of hours, is linked to your being overweight? In fact, those who sleep more healthfully tend to consume fewer calories in a day. This is because sleep deprivation disrupts the hormones responsible for appetite and may cause poor regulation. And yes – i

FEB 11
Alone on Valentine’s Day? How to Combat Anxiety and Depression


Well, another year has ‘bit the dust,’ and January has come along with wintry weather, the blues, and resolutions that you may or may not have kept! (This is true for so many of us – no shame, no blame.) Now you find yourself in the month of February, and along comes Valentine’s Day, a day that is thought to celebrate a romantic kind of love, although this does not appear to be true of its histor


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