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Jordan Lamborn writes about product management. Jordan is passionate about helping customers, solving problems, and contributing to the PM community.

FEB 22
Throw Away Your Prioritization Framework If It’s Missing Any of These 3 Factors

by Jordan Lamborn / 12d

After reviewing over 90 prioritization frameworks, I was shocked at how many are missing critical considerations. Can you guess what these… Continue reading on Product Coalition »

FEB 20
RICE Prioritization Alternatives for Projects and Features: 8 Scoring Frameworks to Replace RICE

by Jordan Lamborn / 14d

I’ve reviewed more than 90 prioritization frameworks and I wanted to share what I’ve learned about the landscape outside of RICE. RICE is… Continue reading on Medium »

FEB 10
Customer-centric Prioritization Frameworks: Level-up from MoSCoW and RICE

by Jordan Lamborn / 23d

I’ve done the hard work for you. I have pulled out the 18 customer-focused methods from the 84 overall. We talk a lot about being… Continue reading on Product Coalition »


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