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Expensive Cat Breeds: 9 Excellent Pedigrees
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2d
Whether you are looking for an expensive breed of cat to join your family or are just curious to know the breeds we will mention, this blog is perfect for you! With their unique personalities and striking looks, these nine cat breeds are some of the most expensive cats to own worldwide. But you'll quickly realize why such a high price tag is given to them. Let us discover what these breeds are no

The 5 Love Languages Of Cats: Which One Does Yours Speak?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 9d
Love is in the air! Whether you have a human to share Valentine's Day with, you can increase your connection with the other love of your life: your cat. Dogs wear their affection on their sleeve (or paw). It is quite apparent when a dog is happy—tail wagging, tongue hanging gladly out of the side of his mouth. However, it is harder to tell just what our felines might be thinking or what makes the

Can Cats Suffer From Separation Anxiety? 5 Post-Lockdown Tips
by Jean @ KittyNook / 16d
As restrictions relax and we go back to our lives, this can be a significant modifi cat ion for our pets. Although cats are commonly thought to be unconcerned, the separation can still affect their lives. In today's blog, we share some tips on how to ease cat separation anxiety . There are many articles on handling dogs with separation anxiety as owners return to work after lockdown, but little h
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FEB 16
Pet Dental Health Month: Some Care Tips for Your Feline
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4d
February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Let us celebrate this by making sure our cat's teeth and mouth are healthy and safe from diseases! Establishing an excellent dental upkeep regimen for your cat from a very early age is vital to help keep them from dental disease in cats. It will not only stop your pet cat from developing conditions like gingivitis, and cat gum disease, but it will also

FEB 09
Why Are Cats' Whiskers Important? 10 Facts About Cat Whiskers
by Jean @ KittyNook / 11d
Whiskers do a great deal more than making your cat look charming. They also serve many essential functions! From being an integrated measuring tape to helping navigate things in the dark, cats' whiskers are genuinely fantastic! Your feline's whiskers are an excellent body part. Not only are these fuzzies adorable, but they also have several essential purposes. Serving as your cat's ultimate sensor

FEB 02
Celebrate National Cat Health Month With This Cat Health Checklist!
by Jean @ KittyNook / 18d
National Cat Health Month is here! February is the perfect time for pet parents to focus on their cats' well-being. And as we celebrate this month-long affair, we will share some tips to help your kitty live a happy and healthy life! As loving cat parents, we are bound to want the best and most adequate care for our cats. This all begins with ensuring that they are as happy and as healthy as they

JAN 28
How to Correctly Pick Up a Cat
by Jean @ KittyNook / 23d
As a cat person, you know the joy of having a cuddly buddy around to scoop up and snuggle. But what if your cat disapproves of the way that you scoop them off the ground? Continue reading the blog for a couple of techniques to correctly grab a cat in a manner that makes both of you happy! Why Is Picking Up A Cat Properly So Hard? Your feline might appear unsociable or withdrawn, and often you mig

JAN 26
Why Do Grown Cats Knead?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 25d
Pet cat kneading is a usual feline practice. We typically see it as the rhythmic pressing of their paws alternately. Many people believe that it resembles their massaging dough, which is why it's also adorably known as 'making biscuits.' Felines like to do this on soft areas like cozy blankets, squishy cushions, or even on your belly and lap. You might have that question in your head, why do cats

Why Do Cats Knead?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 25d
Pet cat kneading is a usual feline practice. We typically see it as the rhythmic pressing of their paws alternately. Many people believe that it resembles their massaging dough, which is why it's also adorably known as 'making biscuits.' Felines like to do this on soft areas like cozy blankets, squishy cushions, or even on your belly and lap. You might have that question in your head, why do cats

JAN 21
When Do Kittens' Eyes Change Color?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 30d
Kittens are born with blue eyes. It will then change depending on the melanin in the iris. When do kittens' eyes change color? Let us learn today in the blog! Have A Look At Your Cat's Eyes. What Shade Are They? Most adult cat-eye shades range from green, yellow, gold to orange, brown, and copper, with many host shades in between. But what about cats with blue eyes? Mostly, kittens are born with

JAN 19
Are You Having A New Cat? Here's A Checklist Of Items That You Should Have!
by Jean @ KittyNook / 32d
Are you planning to get a new furry baby? We got you! In today's blog, we cover the basic (and extra) things you need to make sure your pal has all it needs as you welcome them to their new home! Especially for a first-time cat owner, there's absolutely nothing like the excitement of knowing that you are going to be a new cat owner! Whether you are getting your cat from a sanctuary or a breeder,

JAN 14
Let's Talk About The Misconceptions About Hairball In Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 37d
Hairballs are disgusting. And it becomes more so as you step on one in the middle of the night. Let us talk about some misconceptions and truths about this gross product of our beloved cats. What causes these hairballs? What are the indications that your cat suffering from it? What are the many misconceptions about hairball in cats? Hairballs, like every little thing in medicine, have a scientific

JAN 13
The Calico Cat In Focus | Calico, Tabby, And Tortoiseshell Cats: What's The Difference?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 38d
In a previous blog , I shared some facts about the Tabby cat . Now, it's time for Calico cat s to take the spotlight! What Makes Calico Cat s So Unique? Calico cat s are mystical. They have a rich history and have many interesting characteristics. Like with Tabby cat s, Calico is not a breed! Calico cats get their name from their coat colors . Because calico isn't a breed, we can't appoint breed-

JAN 12
How To Clean Your Cat's Ears At Home
by Jean @ KittyNook / 39d
Felines are great self-groomers, but one area they can't groom is their ears. Knowing how to clean your cat's ears is a vital skill fur parents should take the time to learn. Being able to clean your cat's ears at home also enables you to detect any health issues your cat might have, such as built-up debris, ear mites, and infections. Instructions for Ear Cleaning in Cats Most cats are OK without

JAN 07
Do Cats Dream? Some Insights Into Our Felines' Sleeping Habits
by Jean @ KittyNook / 44d
Cats have dreams, just like people. There's evidence that cats have dreams about their day-to-day experiences, such as exploring and hunting. They may also be dreaming about their communications with their owners! Isn't that exciting? Do Cats Dream? Cats spend between one about two-thirds of their lives asleep. Whether your pet cat sleeps like a log, or if you witnessed the tell-tale twitches of

JAN 05
What Is The Explanation Behind Cats Burying Their Waste?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 46d
Cats are very simple to potty train. They intuitively know how to make use of a litter box. But why do they bury their waste? Cats have a reputation for being low-maintenance pets. One reason is they are simple to potty train. They naturally recognize how to make use of a litter box. All you need to do is show them where it is and remember what to do. The coolest thing about that kitten that you

DEC 31 2020
7 Amazing Facts About Cat Eye Colors
by Jean @ KittyNook / 51d
My cat Otis has the most impressive eyes I'd ever before seen—but I am his mom, so I may be biased. Most of the photos I have of him reveal a pair of pale yellow eyes. But whatever color your feline's eyes are, there's a fantastic tale behind how they got in this way. Check out these cool facts on feline eye colors! 1. Feline Eye Colors Begin With the Iris When we speak about cat eye colors, we a

DEC 29 2020
All You Need To Know About Calico Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 53d
In a previous blog , I shared some facts about the Tabby cat. Now, it's time for Calico cats to take the spotlight! What Makes Calico Cats So Unique? Calico cats are mystical. They have a rich history and have many interesting characteristics. Like with Tabby cats, Calico is not a breed! Calico cats get their name from their coat colors. In today's blog, we will share with you everything there is

DEC 24 2020
5 Awesome Facts About Cat Nose Freckles
by Jean @ KittyNook / 58d
Are cat nose freckles comparable to human freckles? How and why do cats develop them? Are they an indication of melanoma in cats? Know them all in today's blog! Does your cat have blemishes on its nose? My Otis does. He has that freckle on the right side of his nose and in the paws. If your cat has feline nose freckles, it's good to understand some things regarding them. Here are five facts about

DEC 22 2020
Awesome Facts About Cat Claws
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Cat's claws are a fascinating part of our furry friends. Today, we explore why cats have them and some of their quirks. Claws Are Not Nails Cat's claws are different from human nails. Our nails are level and rest on top of our fingers and toes, giving protection. Cats' claws, by comparison, come out of the front of their toes. They also serve as a tool to catch and hold prey, tear meat from bones

DEC 17 2020
How Your Cat Can Help You Deal With Loneliness Throughout the Holidays
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
The holidays can be a great time to create happy memories, but it can also be a challenging time for many individuals. The bright side is that your cat (or dog) can help you cope with the feeling of isolation and anxiety, not just throughout the holiday but at any time of the year. A few of the reasons people may be struggling throughout the holidays include: Missing your loved ones who are no lo

DEC 15 2020
Chicken Broth Recipe For Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Do you throw away the bones of your Sunday roast in the trash? There is a way to use the carcasses! Here is a fun and chicken broth recipe that will make your cat genuinely! To try the dish, here's what you'll need: Bones from poultry or turkey Carrot 1 Stalk of Celery Water Soup Pot with Cover Mesh strainer Directions: Making fresh homemade chicken or turkey broth for your cats has never been ea

DEC 10 2020
3 Devastating Poison Threats for Felines
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Can water be harmful to your cat? Yes! Even the water you put on that on the vase to keep your Trumpet Lilies fresh can harm your cats. Dangerous Home Plants All components of the lily, including the fallen leaves, flowers, and bulb, can be harmful to cats. Eating just a few lily plant parts or licking pollen off their fur can cause their kidneys to shut down. Some signs of lily poisoning in cats

DEC 08 2020
The 5 Major Cat Personality Types
24by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Every cat is special! All cats have traits that make them distinct and charming. However, like with humans, cats fall into different personality types. Additionally, both nature and nurture work together to influence a feline's character. Cats' personalities are affected by their development, upbringing, and genes. Surely enough, variations or combinations of these types can happen. But more ofte

DEC 03 2020
Some Tips in Building Wintertime Shelters for Community Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Building a wintertime shelter for outdoor cats can be both easy and economical. The two popular styles are: Styrofoam containers, like those used to deliver disposable food and medicines materials. Plastic storage containers with removable covers, such as Newell Rubbermaid bins. When creating a shelter, here are a couple of keynotes to keep in mind: All excellent shelter designs have two qualities

DEC 01 2020
How Can I Help Stray Cats Through Wintertime Outdoors?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Stray cats are indeed able to live outdoors—typically near to humans. Stray cats can live and grow in different places, weather conditions, and environments. That said, there remains a myriad of ways to help make life outdoors easier for them. How Do I Feed Stray Cats During Winter? Community cats can benefit from added food throughout the winter months. If you can, increase food portions to help

NOV 26 2020
Do-It-Yourself Cat Tree with these 3 Easy Steps!
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
If you have one or more cats at home, a well-made cat tree is crucial. Two is even better. However, shopping for one can be fraught with high prices, wrong sizes, weird layouts, challenging set up, and more. It's easy to understand that many of us will not have the time to construct a cat tree. If this is the case with you, don't fret! You can still purchase an excellent quality cat tree online.

NOV 24 2020
6 Tips for Taking Care of A Blind Cat
by Jean @ KittyNook / 2mo
Are you thinking of taking on a blind cat—or is your kitty losing their vision? Here are some things that you can do to keep a blind cat happy and safe. A blind or visually-impaired cat is frequently viewed as unadoptable. Blind cats might look odd, or they might be considered to be an excessive worry. Also, why "waste" valuable cage area that could be utilized for a cat who's more likely to be a

NOV 19 2020
How to Trim Your Cat's Nails And Why You Should
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
Nail trimming has great benefits no just to our cats, but us owners as well. It keeps the scratches on our furniture to a minimum. Today we share how to cat nails successfully and safely. Cats are well-armed creatures; they have sharp teeth and fast reflexes. Agility is in their genes. Those claws they have can hurt target animals. It can also ruin rugs, drapes, and couches. This is why we should

NOV 17 2020
Why Is My Cat Losing Hair?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
Is your feline friend a little less hairy nowadays? Some hair loss—like the shedding of your cat's winter coat—is natural. But if your cat is losing a tremendous amount of hair, there could be an issue. Is your cat repeatedly scratching or grooming itself? Cats groom themselves a lot—as much as half of the time they're awake. Too much grooming can trigger loss of hair, skin sores, and even infecti

NOV 12 2020
Convert Your Cat's Age to Human Years
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
When we have a cat, we take care of them into their adult and senior years. Gradually, we learn how to deal with our furry babies. We develop an understanding of the ins and outs of spaying and neutering, bathing, injections, weight management, and food choices. We learn through experience their development stages, requiring us to look after them in new means. However, we can recognize our cats'

NOV 10 2020
The 9 Most Rare Colors and Patterns in Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
Black, white, brown, orange, or a combination of all! Cats come in all shades and patterns that it's tough to pick a favorite. Cat's exciting colors are embedded within its DNA, and some variations seem to be priceless and incredibly unique. The following are the top 9 most rare coat colors and patterns in cats. Can you pick a favorite? It's All In The Genes Before we get to the pool of different

NOV 05 2020
6 Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover in Your Life
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
Having a cat lover friend or relative, you know how crazy they can get with their cats. Cat-related presents will surely brighten their day! It is one of the best gifts they will receive in the coming holiday season! Whether you are a cat owner or just looking for some unique gift ideas for the cat lovers in your life, this is the perfect blog for you. Today we share some of our favorite items to

NOV 03 2020
Bathe Your Cat And Come Out Scratch Free!
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
Cats despise water. That much is easy to see as your cat gives you a barrage of claws whenever they get near it. Why would someone wish to bathe their cat, then? They can sometimes be dirty and may come to be flea-infested similar to dogs, so cats do require bathing. In some cases, you'll need to do it. The key is not to wash your cat for more than once a month as this will damage your cat's skin

OCT 29 2020
Halloween Candies Can Kill Your Cat!
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
As parents, we frequently advise our children, "Don't eat excessively or you'll make yourself ill." At worst, a kid who packs him or herself with chocolate might get nausea and a stomachache. For millions of families, Halloween is sweet treats galore—chocolates, marshmallows, sweet jelly beans, and fun-size versions of nearly every candy product possible. However, for our fuzzy buddies that consu

OCT 27 2020
How To Choose A Cat Sitter
by Jean @ KittyNook / 3mo
I usually relied upon my auntie and uncle for cat sitting responsibilities if I'm going on trips. They were the best feline caretakers in the face of the planet! They were both pet lovers and did incredible work. They even leave me an in-depth report to let me know how my cats acted during the weekend. Not Every Friend or Family Member Can Be Relied Upon But not every friend or family is up to the

OCT 22 2020
10 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect for First-time Owners
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
So, you've finally decided to own a cat. Wonderful! If you have already begun to hunt for the perfect cat, you know how daunting the job is. Don't give up and keep looking! We're here to assist you further because we have listed ten ideal feline types suitable for first-time owners today. Let's get to it! 1. Maine Coon Large, fluffy, and super snuggly, Maine Coons feature a personality you will f

OCT 20 2020
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Feral or not, your cat may get entangled up in fights, especially if they are an outside cat. Generally, inside cats are not susceptible to fighting, unless they find themselves outside or have a visitor inside the house. But bad days come to all of us, even cats. We all heard cats fighting in the evening, and they sound like children shrieking. Imagine hearing that when you've done your skincare

OCT 15 2020
7 Signs To Know When Your Female Cat is in Heat
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
You have probably heard of the expression "like a cat in heat," but what does that mean? "In heat" is the time when felines are fertile and ready to mate. A feline's first heat happens when she strikes adolescence at 6 to 10 months old. Her oestrus cycle will generally last 4 to 5 days, and, unless she becomes pregnant, she will undoubtedly be in heat again in about a couple of weeks, much like m

OCT 13 2020
Taking Care of Your Diabetic Cat
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Your cat has just been tested for diabetes. What now? You may be terrified of what the future holds for your beloved pet, but because of advances in technology, cats can live long, healthy lives even after being diagnosed with diabetes. The secret is that you, as the owner, have to be dedicated in caring for your cat throughout his/her ailment. Diabetes isn't a death sentence for pets. Here are s

OCT 08 2020
Cat Myths Explained
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Both feared and admired, venerated, and reviled, the cat's all-natural charm won them a place in our hearts and homes throughout the centuries. In the modern sensibilities, cats are treated less as pest control tools and more as families. Yet it had not always been so. Since cats have been domesticated some 5000 years earlier, they have been alternately welcomed into our homes and avoided as fine

OCT 06 2020
Are Cats Trainable?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Cats are notoriously independent and are very willful. And we love them for that. However, can they be taught tricks? Cat owners often assume that their cat is too irritable to train. Some may further feel that cats are egoistic, making then un-trainable. The fact is, usually, pets don't follow instructions because they don't understand what you want them to do. So if you tried and failed, you mi

OCT 01 2020
Litter Box Placement Strategies
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Much like in our houses where the layout is essential, the places we put our cat's litter boxes are significant. Below are some ideas to efficiently situate them in places that make sense to your cat. When you think of litter box positioning, consider where you want to be when doing your number twos. We value a quiet and exclusive area. Our cats are not different. Strategic Places Our cats will s

SEP 29 2020
6 Perfect Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
Are you afflicted with puppy-fever but can't own a dog? Whether it's allergic reactions or a strict landlord stopping you, don't surrender on your dream to have a pet on your household yet. Have you ever taken into consideration a dog-like cat as an option? Hear us out. While most dog lovers push off cats as unsociable bores, this could not be further from the truth. There are lots of dog-like cat

SEP 25 2020
How Do I Stop My Cat from Biting Me?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 4mo
It's not unusual for cats to bite. There are various reasons to explain why a cat may suddenly start attacking, even though unprovoked. Us cat owners need to know that cat biting isn't always done out of aggression. Cats are predators by nature, and as such, seemingly aggressive actions such as biting, pouncing, and clawing make up a considerable part of their play. Allowing and reinforcing these

SEP 22 2020
My Cat's Nose is Dry. Should I Be Concerned?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Over the years, I have seen numerous pets whose owners were stressed over their noses. One of the more typical issues that lead cat owners to seek their pets' veterinary insight is a completely dry nose. Most generally believe that felines' noses must be exceptional and moist at all times. Indeed, a lot of pet cats do have cold, damp noses. A completely dry pet cat nose may take place if a cat is

SEP 18 2020
The Five Patterns of Tabby Cats
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
We occasionally call the average residential cat a tabby. Still, tabby is not a cat type — it is, in fact, the pattern of feline's layer. It's the most common of all the feline layer patterns. Technically speaking, whatever colors or markings you see on your pet cat, all felines possess the tabby feline gene. Other cat shades or patterns might hide those tabby markings, too! What exactly are Tabb

SEP 15 2020
Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Here's Why.
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Why do cats sleep a lot? Our feline buddies are masters at napping any time, any place, and under any situation. Cats are lounge lovers, but there's more to this behavior than meets the eye. Before we answer the age-old question, "Why do cats sleep a lot?" let's first check out the length of time cats sleep. The average cat sleeps approximately 16 to 20 hours daily, depending on their age. The ol

SEP 11 2020
What is a Group of Cats Called? Plus 5 Cat Expressions You Can Use
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
You most likely have heard about a pack of wolves and a pride of lions, but did you know that the proper noun for a group of cats is a 'clowder'? (possibly a variant of the 19th-century word clutter).Now tell that to your good friends at your next event! There are additionally a couple of other linguistically correct methods to refer to a group of cats. Cludder Clutter Strike Colony. Utilized to

SEP 08 2020
Why Is My Cat Sneezing?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Ah, the feline sneeze—it may be just one of the prettiest noises you'll ever listen to, but when should you be concerned? Much like us human beings, cats can catch colds and struggle with respiratory infections. Nevertheless, various other problems can likewise lead to those adorable little sneezes. Most of us sneeze from time to time for relatively no reasons. As you may imagine, If your pet cat

SEP 04 2020
Cats Love Boxes. Here's Why.
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Owners are frequently baffled when they acquire their cat a fantastic brand-new plaything as well as they're far more curious about the box it came in! However, why do cats love boxes so much? Keep reading to learn why. It's widely agreed that cats enjoy boxes. To them, no toy in the world, despite just how costly or fancy it might be, compares to a simple cardboard box. It's a thing that baffles

SEP 01 2020
Cats and Babies: Addressing Common Concerns
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Cats enjoy the extra love and attention that kids offer, so it might not be shocking to know that cats are often an exceptional influence on kids of every age. Discover more about keeping felines and children content, plus some advice on adopting a cat when you have young kids. Cats and children: the Benefits A 2018 Cats Defense study found that 96% of individuals identified the advantages of have

AUG 28 2020
Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats: Which Should You Choose?
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Let us be upfront in saying that the consensus among veterinarians and organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is that it's wiser to let cats stay indoors. Dr. Jane E. Burnt noted that an indoor lifestyle is much safer for a cat, especially considering the potential dangers of outdoors. Indoor cats have much lower chances of getting hurt or becoming ill from outdoor

AUG 25 2020
2-4 Years Added on Your Pet's Life with these Dental Practices
by Jean @ KittyNook / 5mo
Like with us humans, our pet’s dental health significantly influences their quality of life. There is now evidence that appropriate dental care can add 2-4 years to your pet's life. Envision how your mouth would really feel (and the smell!) if you did not brush your teeth regularly. Picture having a really bad toothache and also not having the capacity to inform anyone about it. Like us human bei

AUG 21 2020
Quick Cleaning Tips for Cat Parents
by Jean @ KittyNook / 6mo
Cats are known for being good groomers and their general cleanliness. They’re easily litter-trained and, unlike their other canine compatriots, rarely find themselves with an open jar of jam stuck to their snoots. Nevertheless, being a cat owner does involve the right amount of home cleaning and care. So let’s review a couple of steps you can take to keep your home (and your cats) clean. Grooming

AUG 18 2020
How Do You Stop Your Cat from Scratching that Couch?
30by Jean @ KittyNook / 6mo
Cats are habitual scratchers. They scratch while playing, they scratch while stretching, they scratch as a threatening signal to other nearby cats or sometimes to mark their territory. Cats' claws also need regular sharpening. It's natural for them to scratch on surfaces to replace the worn-out outer layer of their claws and expose new, sharper claws. All this scratching can result in furniture,

AUG 14 2020
Cats Make Quarantine Life Better
by Jean @ KittyNook / 6mo
Our cats help us get through this global crisis. A survey conducted by Royal Canin—a worldwide cat food company—showed that American cat owners are happier during their COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. The survey found that over half of the cat owners surveyed felt less alone during quarantine and almost half stating that their pets helped lower their anxiety over the past few months. The survey also

AUG 11 2020
A Fur Parent Checklist
by Jean @ KittyNook / 6mo
There are different reasons why someone would want to have a cat. Some may be looking forward to all the cuddle time, while others are happy to have a self-reliant cat that spends most of its time outside and doesn’t want a clingy human. Whatever your reason may be, it is important to find a cat that will interact with you whenever you would like it to. All cats aren't equal, and the way each find


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