Air Bow
Air Sword
Argonaut Harpoon
Axe of Retaliation
Barbarian Glavie
Basic Sword
Battle Ax
Black Death Rapier
Blade of Domination
Bladed Spear
Blessed Light Spear
Bone Axe
Bone Bow
Bow and Arrows
Chained Dagger
Clawed Crossbow
Crystal Spear
Crystal Sword
Cursed Katana
Dagger of Persephone
Dark Soul Axe
Dark Warlock Blade
Demon Sword
Dragon Sword
Dual Water Sword
Earth Bow
Earth Sword
Egyptian Pharaoh's Dagger
Elder Staff of Wisdom
Enchanted Axe of Empowerment
Enchanted Combat Knife
Falcon Axe
Fire Dagger
Fire Energized Dual Blade
Flame Bow
Flanged Mace
Forest Strength Ban Hammer
Ghoul Sword
Golden Survival Axe
Gryphon Bow
Hatchet of War
Iron Ax of Dominance
Iron Ax of Retribution
Iron Ronin Tomahawk
Lava Infused Blade
Legendary Telos Arms
Lightning Bow
Long Sword of Enlightenment
Master Sensei Katana
Master Sensei Throwing Stars
Master Thief Dagger
Mystical Energy Dagger
Paladin Warhammer
Poison Darts
Power of the Sea Sword
Ramses II Khopesh
Royal Sword of Preparation
Sacred Dagger of the Druids
Sacred Ivory Dagger
Serpent Axe
Shaman Axe of Doom
Spear of Collusion
Spear of Radiance
Spear of Revealing
Steel-winged Axe
Stone Sabre
Swinging Mutilation Axe
Sword of Confusion
Sword of Radiation
Sword of Vision
Sword of Wisdom
The Butcher
Throwing Knives
Trident of Sorrow
Two-handed Dwarf King Blade
Two-handed Great Sword
Ulysses' Bill
Unicorn Trident
War Fork
War Hammer of Destruction
Water Power Sword
Whip of Justice
Wind Bow
Wind Force Sword


Arms of Faith
Barbarian Armor
Basic Helmet
Birh of Prey Mask
Black Knight Bracers
Blessed Shield
Celtic Shield
Crown Helm
Cursed Egyptian Armor
Cursed Egyptian Shield
Cursed Samurai Emperor Armor
Demon Boots
Demon Gauntlets
Demon Helm
Dragon Breathe Shield
Dragon Lord Boots
Dragon Pauldron
Dragon Scale Boots
Dragon Slayer Armor
Dragonscale Pauldron
Earth Armor
Elf King Armament
Elf Shield of Nobility
Elite Warrior Armor
Enchanted Breastplate of Agility
Epic Armet
Epic Barbarian Armor
Epic Barbarian Pauldron
Force Armor
Freedom Shield
Gauntlets of Devine Protection
Ghoul Shield
Gladiator Armor
Gladiator Bracers
Golden Armor of Reflection
Golden Helmet of Deception
Golden Shield of Truth
Great Armor of Corineus
Great Kind Shield
Gryphon Gauntlets
Guardian Shield
Helmet of Eclipse
Hephaestus Forged Spaulder
Hero Breastplate
Hero Centurion Helmet
Hero Elf Helm
Leather Armor of Deception
Legendary Knight Helm
Legendary Warrior Boots
Lifeforce Armor
Lifeforce Shield
Lighting Armor
Lion Power Shield
Lionheart Helm
Mask of Power
Medusa Shield
Mirror Shield
Noble Warrior Breastplate
Red Dragon Pauldron
Royal Breastplate
Royal Guard Helm
Royal Helmet of Eclipse
Royal Knight Pauldron
Saint Shield
Seer's Breastplate of Knowledge
Shield of Disorientation
Shield of Prophecy
Shield of Renewal
Shield of Triumph
Snake Venom Buckler
Spiked Gladiator Helm
Spiked Shield of Nobility
Steel Boots of Protection
Talos Shield
Thoth Legendary Leg Armor
Tiger Force Shield
Viking Helm
Winged Beast Helm
Wooden Helm of Odin
Wooden Shield of Odin
Wooden Spaulder of Odin
Yaotzin Shield


Arcane Fusion
Axiomatic Creature
Bull’s Strength
Call of the Wild
Chain Lightning Blast
Conjure Red Dragon
Conjure Shadow
Dance of Terror
Demon Strike
Dimension Shift
Dragon Magic
Energy Drain
Flaming Grip
Force Bolt
Ghoul Touch
Hero Call
Hurricane Wind Blast
Inferno Blast
Insect Plague
Iron Body
Life Drain
Lightning Strike
Mage’s Sword
Nightmare Call
Poison Rain
Poison Venom
Polar Ray
Prismatic Spray
Project False Image
Sea Beast Tentacles
Shadow Evocation
Solar Blast
Staff of the Magi
Stone Skin
Storm of Vengeance
Symbol of Fear
Tidal Wave
Titan Rage
Vampire Daze
Wail of the Banshee
Wall of Iron
Wall of Protection
Wave of Exhaustion
Wizard's Robe (Class 4)
Wizard's Robe (Class 5)
Wizard's Robe (Class 6)
Wizard's Robe(Class 1)
Wizard's Robe(Class 2)
Wizard's Robe(Class 3)
Wolf Spirit Staff

Legendary Items

Gold Loot

Techpaires Ring
Demon Skull
Shou Coin
Skeleton Key
Soulless Warrior Mask

Royal Credit Loot

Anaquani Golden Idol
Angel Armor
Angel Shield
Archmage Robe
Armor of Aphrodite
Armor of Artemis
Arms Blessed by the Gods
Artemis Bladed Spear
Ban Hammer of Grief
Ban Hammer of Justice
Beastslayer Cloak of Annihilation
Blaze Ban Hammer
Bloodeye Shield
Capture Soul
Cedrik Full Body Armor
Celtic Winged Helm
Clenched Giant Fist
Cloak of Enchanted Luck
Cloak of Evasion
Cloak of Rejuvenation
Conqueror Shield
Crystal Skull
Cursed Blade of Vengeance
Cursed Egyptian Sword
Dagger of Luck
Dark Blood Sword
Dark Magic Shield
Death Blade Axe
Death Dagger
Death Rays
Death Wave
Demon Body Armor
Demon Leg Armor
Demon Shield
Demon Wings
Demonic Bone Armor
Devine Shield
Diamond Armor
Divine Storm
Double Blade of Assault
Double Spiked Battle Axe
Dragon Breath Sword
Dragon Knight Greaves
Dragonslayer Axe
Elemental Distress
Elixir of Evasion
Emblem of the Firebird
Enchanted Elder Mage Sword
Enchanted Elf Bracers
Energy Cloak
Energy Force Sword
Energy Potion (2)
Energy Potion (3)
Energy Potion (4)
Energy Potion (5)
Energy Potion
Eternal Flame Shield
Eternal Flame Sword
Faith Shield
Falcon Helm of Aggression
Finger of Death
Force Field
Fruit from the Tree of Life
Full Knight Armor
Giant Valmor Axe
Globe of Invulnerability
Golden Bow of Artemis
Golden Chalice of Godly Power
Golden Helm of Protection
Grave Call
Great Axe of Malice
Gryphon Armor
Gryphon Shield
Hades Fire Sword
Hand Axe of Annihilation
Helm of Godly Protection
Helm of Itheren
Holy Cross
Holy Grail of Strength
Holy Grail of Strength
Honored Gladiator War Skirt
Ice Needle
Impenetrable Gauntlets of Hephaestus
Iness Wizard of the First Order Robe
Internal Blaze
King Algadon Lion Harness
King Algadon's Dragon Sword
Leather Gauntlets of Courage
Legendary Boots of Hermes
Legendary Hero Shield
Legendary Spiked Warrior Blade
Lightning Bolt Spear
Lightning Sword
Lion Power Breastplate
Lion Power Pauldron
Lionheart Bracers
Lost Magic Enchanted Sword
Mace of Hephaestus
Magic Arrow
Magma Burst
Magma Mace
Mask of Courage
Meteor Hammer
Meteor Shower
Mythic Viking Helm
Necrotic Domination
Paladin Boots
Pegasus Wings
Poseidon's Trident
Power of Zeus Shield
Protector Dragon Helm
Royal Arms
Royal Knight Harness
Ruby Armor
Rune Necklace
Rune Ring
Sacred Ark of Protection
Sacred Lion Blood Sword
Serpent Staff
Shield of Immortality
Sky Hammer
Sonduku Stones of Enlightenment
Sorceress Staff of Power
Spiked Armor
Spiked Demon Bone Axe
Spiked Demon Helm
Spiked Shield Blessed by the Gods
Spiked Shield of Voluptas
Staff of Courage
Staff of Vision
Steel Attack Boots
Steel Breastplate
Storm of Elemental Fury
Summon Dire Hawk
Summon Earth Elemental
Sun Blade
Sword of Destiny
Symbol of Weakness
Talisman of Luck
Terror Axe
Thunder Axe
Titan Sword
Triple Impact Flanged Mace
Unholy Power Helm
Valiant Helm
Vision of Fear
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
White Dragon Helm

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