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Moroccan Drama is all about having the audacity and freedom to say out loud what people think in the privacy of their own minds by the sense of Moroccan criticism Simo Benbachir alias Simo bb an award-winning journalist originally from Morocco. Simo bb never holds back the truth. When it's white, it's white, and when it's black, it is black. Simo bb doesn’t live in the grey area! That's why his integrity and categorical stance earned his status as the only Moroccan journalist to whom the doors of the Oscars, the Grammys, and the most significant events in the world are open. He has sat down with some of the biggest global stars and even managed to make the most famous Moroccan stars in Hollywood talk in Darija (Moroccan dialect) such as Redone, Sanaa Hamri, French Montana, and many international celebrities.

MAY 17
Moroccan Black Magic On Ramadan’s Laylat al Qadr (Night of Destiny)

by Moroccan Drama / 2d

Moroccan blackmagic Laylat al Qadr (Night of Destiny) is a special night that falls within the last 10 days of Ramadan. Besides Night of Destiny, it has many other names: Night of Power and Night of Decree, and it occurs during the last ten nights, but a strong majority of Muslims consider it the 27th night of Ramadan. Laylat al Qadr is considered to be a very special event in the Islamic calenda

MAY 16
Ramadan 40-Day Hypocrite Challenge

by Moroccan Drama / 3d

It's no mystery that Morocco ranks number 1 as one of the top red wine producing countries in the whole Arab world. There's a famous joke that says at least we are for once number one in something. It's well known that Moroccans consume more wine than milk (even if serving alcohol to Muslims is prohibited by the religion and the law). I love red wine, especially a good Bordeaux; most of my frien

MAY 14
Moroccan Rapper, Dizzy Dros, Slams Moroccan Hypocrites

by Moroccan Drama / 5d

Moroccan Rapper Dizzy Dros The tragic rape, murder, and burial of the child Adnan in Tangier ( Morocco ) cut into the hearts of Moroccans. I was moved by this painful story, especially since it was all over social media. Everyone believes their opinions make them a reporter on the matter. Still, the only impressive statement I saw was by Moroccan rapper Dizzy Dros, which went viral on social medi

Moroccan Journalist Nora Fouari’s and Ramadan’s Dirtiness

by Moroccan Drama / 5d

Moroccan journalist, Nora Fouari working for popular Assabah newspaper posted this status in Moroccan on her Facebook, which, as usual, angered many Moroccans (especially the hypocritical ones). I tried to translate it into English and capture the essence of her message without losing the sharp tone. It is challenging to keep the sarcastic tone when translating from one language to another: “My f

MAY 03
Ramadan $5 Challenge in Morocco

by Moroccan Drama / 16d

A video clip documented a group of Moroccan youths breaking the fast during the day in Ramadan on a public street, on social media, went viral. During Ramadan, Muslims traditionally refrain from eating and drinking during the day, only breaking their fasts after sundown. In the clip, a young man is shown performing a social experiment, in which he asks young men to break their Ramadan fast in exc

APR 27
Supremacy of the Moroccan "Police Chief's Daughter"

by Moroccan Drama / 22d

The commander of the Sidi Abdel Karim, a neighborhood in the city of Settat (Morocco), accompanied by his assistants and some security officials, stopped cars driving in the main street and asked drivers for their transportation licenses, as a strict evening curfew is installed in Morocco during Ramadan due to the increase of COVID-19 cases. While they were patrolling one of many checkpoints duri

APR 20
The Moroccan Majmar’s Vacation

by Moroccan Drama / 29d

The Majmar is an old brazier from Morocco essential for cooking, and above all, keeping dishes warm. The Moroccan Majmar is in the shape of a traditional barbecue, made by craftsmen, to support the different sizes of tajine dishes. Some people use it as a fire pit that they fill up with charcoal to boil water in the traditional Moroccan kettle and use the warmth of the coals as a heater, which ma


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