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Dave the Nurse
DaveTheNurse is a nurse (RN) entrepreneur that has developed online courses for people looking to start a home-based nursing staffing and registry business.
APR 02
Q&A Friday – How Do You Handle No Call No Shows?
by Dave Soltau / 1d
Hi, DaveTheNurse here on Q&A Friday – Our question today is “How does your company handle no call/no shows?” Great question! You’ve got to have a plan. You don’t want to be the person to get the call when your provider does not call or show up at a scheduled appointment. If you don’t have a plan, you will likely have to jump in at the last minute. Like other businesses, these things happen. Our s
APR 01
Behind the Scenes of Content Creation – Things Aren’t Always As They Seem
by Dave Soltau / 2d
In my journey as DaveTheNurse, I have committed myself to creating great content for you, my readers and viewers. In today’s Throwback Thursday clip, I share a bit behind the scenes of my office-studio, where I film my pieces. I also mention getting started with Designrr , a great tool. Designrr helps you transform your blog posts, podcasts, videos and PDFs into eBooks, flipbooks, transcripts, PD
MAR 31
Learn to Sell The Nursing Industry Within The Industry
by Dave Soltau / 3d
In nursing, there is an ‘industry’ within the industry. If you’re experienced and working hard in your particular space, you’re already becoming an ‘expert’. You are gaining knowledge and insights that others don’t have. With that knowledge, you can help others and possibly make a business doing so. Sign up for my full course to learn more on how to sell your expertise in your particular industry
MAR 30
Entrepreneur Tips – Is Your Brand Available on Social Media?
by Dave Soltau / 4d
Hi, DaveTheNurse here. In this clip, I share insights into how my social marketing expert Matt O’Brien of MINT Social and I had to make sure that my brands were available on social media. You may recall, as I shared in last week’s clip, that you have to see if your brand names are available for website domains on the internet. THEN, once you get these names secured, it becomes important to check
MAR 29
The Stigma Of Being A Male Nurse
by Dave Soltau / 5d
Today’s A-HAW moment clip revolves around my decision-making about becoming a male nurse . When I joined ROTC over 20 years ago, I was one of the few guys that had intentions of becoming a male nurse. I used to get razzed in my fraternity about being a nurse, and the other guys taunting comments gave me some insecurities about becoming a nurse. There was still a stigma attached, that’s something
MAR 26
How Many Caregivers for a 24-7 Case? Q&A Friday
by Dave Soltau / 8d
Hi, DaveTheNurse here on Q&A Friday – Our question today is “I just received my very first 24-hour case. How many caregivers do you require, and do you pay overtime?” This is an excellent question. Let me share how we’ve handled it. In the beginning, we definitely paid overtime in our early 24-7 cases for homecare staffing. Over the past 13 years, we’ve gained more experiences and learned a lot i
MAR 25
Spending Money To Make Money
by Dave Soltau / 9d
As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to spend money to make money at some point. You’ll find when starting up an entrepreneurial venture that you don’t have all the skills to do everything yourself. It’s OK to outsource some functions, if you have a budget for that. For instance, I found an expert on Upwork that helped me do videos much faster than I could do on my own. I tried to do them on my own, a
MAR 24
Get to Where You Think You Belong
by Dave Soltau / 10d
Everybody calls themselves an entrepreneur. But what does it really take to become a successful entrepreneur? If you’re a nurse, and you’ve got that drive and grit to become an entrepreneur , hang with me. I’ll show you how to get to where you think you belong! If you think you can start and run a nurse staffing home healthcare business , you’re in the right place. I’m DaveTheNurse, and I’ve been
MAR 23
Using Go Daddy To See If Your Business Name Is Available
by Dave Soltau / 11d
Hi, DaveTheNurse here. In this clip, I share a clip with my SEO partner Matt on how we researched the names “DaveTheNurse” for the host name and “The Health & Wealth Academy” for the business name. So I checked GoDaddy to see if these names were available. I was able to grab the domain , but unfortunately a domain for The Health & Wealth Academy was not available. So I had to get
MAR 22
45 Days For a New Employee To Show You Who They Are
by Dave Soltau / 12d
I titled today’s post ‘45 Days’ because I find that it’s about the length of time (about six weeks) that a new employee starts to show habits of who they really are. As a business owner , you’ve got to know that when you interview anyone for a job, you really aren’t sure what kind of worker this person will turn out to be. At the interview, the candidate might speak well, and have an excellent re

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