Protect the People of Lanarea from a Viking Attack


Level: 1700
Energy: 300
Strength: 1500
Defense: 1500
1000000 Gold

The quest has to be run 200 times.
Running the quest once takes 300 energy.
It takes 60,000 energy to complete the quest.

180000 Experience
Drops at specific points during the quest
@ 100 days, Pegasus Wings
@ 150 days, Fruit from the Tree of Life

Final drops:

Fruit from the Tree of Life
Pegasus Wings
Pendulum of Eternity

*The quest must be completed 50 times in order to get the maximum number of Pendulums.
*The quest can only be completed once per day.
(This means if you get the quest to 99% completion at 11:59pm and run it the final time after Midnight. It will not allow you to start the next run through until after Midnight the following day.)

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