Explore the Gardens
Level: 1
Energy: 1

Help Broker Peace Between Warring Clans
Level: 1
Energy: 2

Search through Treasures of a Lost City
Level: 1
Energy: 50

Venture into the Dungeon
Level: 2
Energy: 4

Destroy the Griffin
Level: 3
Energy: 5

Help Village Recover Crops
Level: 3
Energy: 8

Patrol the Castle Gates
Level: 4
Energy: 11

Fend Off a Goblin Strike
Level: 5
Energy: 12

Protect Villagers from Invading Forces
Level: 5
Energy: 13

Battle the Harpies
Level: 7
Energy: 14

Drive Bandits Out of the Temple
Level: 8
Energy: 15

Rebuild the Damaged Granaries
Level: 10
Energy: 15

Open the Gate of Ordin
Level: 12
Energy: 15

Protect the King from an Assassination Plot
Level: 15
Energy: 20

Combat an Evil Sorcerer
Level: 18
Energy: 14

Kill an Undead Warrior
Level: 20
Energy: 16

Raid the Wind Tower
Level: 25
Energy: 17

Examine the Ruins of an Ancient Fortress
Level: 30
Energy: 18

Lead the Hunt for Bandits
Level: 35
Energy: 21

Attack the Basilisk's Lair
Level: 40
Energy: 32

Defend the Castle Against the Attacking Giant Clan
Level: 45
Energy: 35

Rescue a Village Under Siege
Level: 50
Energy: 40

Repair the Oransted Watermill
Level: 55
Energy: 45

Drive a Troll Away from Earldom Bridge
Level: 55
Energy: 43

Defeat a Warlock that Terrorizes the Kingdom
Level: 60
Energy: 75

Infiltrate the Shadowknight Camp
Level: 65
Energy: 50

Seek Wisdom from the Elders
Level: 70
Energy: 65

Defend the Eldertree from Attack
Level: 75
Energy: 55

Drive Off an Invading Werewolf
Level: 80
Energy: 58

Travel to the Enchanted Forest
Level: 85
Energy: 80

Delve into the Emerald Labrynth
Level: 90
Energy: 65

Banish Spies Seeking to Poison the Kingdom
Level: 95
Energy: 68

Storm the Scyther Demon Fortress to Free the Captured Princess
Level: 100
Energy: 125

Enter the Dragon Claw Cave
Level: 200
Energy: 125

Board a Ghostship that Appeared in the Eastern Sea
Level: 300
Energy: 130

Inspect the Under Water Temple of Doris
Level: 400
Energy: 175

Investigate a Cave within the Sacred Mount Parnassus
Level: 500
Energy: 150

Collect Items Required for Mine Excavation
Level: 600
Energy: 165

Excavate the Sageiron Diamond Mine
Level: 700
Energy: 175

Help an Ally Defeat an Attacking Pazuzu Horde
Level: 800
Energy: 200

Confront the Great Blue Drake
Level: 1000
Energy: 175

Search for the Golden Key of Osric
Level: 1100
Energy: 185

Enter the Mazed Fortress of Osric
Level: 1200
Energy: 195

Help Azuria in a Raging War
Level: 1300
Energy: 200

Carry Out Training Operations In Sun Valley
Level: 1400
Energy: 235

Defeat a Cyclops Threatening Galenfeord
Level: 1500
Energy: 255

Obtain a Cane of Dark Power from a Mystic Offering Rare and Powerful Antiquities
Level: 1600
Energy: 600

Protect the People of Lanarea from a Viking Attack
Level: 1700
Energy: 300

Find a Relic Powerful Enough to Unlock the Enchanted Tower of Sorrows
Level : 1800
Energy: 400

Explore the Tower of Sorrows
Level: 1900
Energy: 450

Defeat the Mysterous Soultaker Plaguing Indeos
Level: 2000
Energy: 500

Search for the Throne of the Sorceress Queen
Level: 2100
Energy: 250

Locate the Soulless Warrior Key
Level: 2200
Energy: 375

Enter the Fortress of the Soulless Warrior
Level: 2300
Energy: 500

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