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Sean Hayes a 47 year-old NY Attorney; Head of an International Law Firm; former lawyer working in China, Korea & Southeast Asia; former Professor, CEO, Dean of a UN University and Journalist fears that our City shall turn to the Dark Days of the 80s and early 90s, because of reactionary and radicalized politics in New York and the lack of experience, pragmatism, and problem-solving skills of our politicians.

Sean looked around and saw that the majority of candidates running for NY City Council and for Mayor lacked the experience, moderate viewpoints & pragmatism and were too radicalized to manage the needs of residents of New York City. Thus, Sean thought it was time that he stepped forward to serve the needs of the community.

Sean's step into politics, unlike many other candidates, is not for his personal gain. Sean shall lose a great deal of money if elected. Sean feels he is at a stage in his life that he is blessed with the ability, experience and resources to serve his community and he feels that if he doesn't step forward and fight to turn our politics back to the middle this great city is doomed to return to the Dark Days.

Second Chance Jail to Jobs Criminal Justice Reform Program by Sean Hayes Candidate for NYC Council

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 12h

Sean Hayes 4 NYC believes that all good people deserve a second chance. Thus, we at Sean Hayes 4 NYC built a jail to jobs program that supports convicts that, sincerely, wish to become successful and productive members of society. I have through my life mentored many young adults. Many of these young adults have spent time in jail. I have seen remarkable things from these young men and woman, whe

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Sean Hayes's Paid Job Training & Mentor Program for Young Adults, Parolees and Transitioning Workers

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 1d

We need to provide for students, young adults, convicts returning to the community (Second Chance Parolee Program) at-need older individuals and transitioning workers the training, education, roadmap, guidance and mentorship needed for success. Our present systems are doing little to nothing for those with the will, but not the wherewithal to get on the path to success. I have met so many people

Sean Hayes's Revenue-Neutral Property Tax Proposal. NYU, Columbia and MSG Pay ZERO Today. Unfair?

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 2d

The New York City Council and the Mayor's Office has let us down. A major reason for the non-affordability of housing is our property taxes regime in New York City. We have some of the highest property taxes in the United States and too many wealthy landlord like NYU, Columbia and Madison Square Garden are not paying their fair share. These landlords pay no real estate taxes - ZERO. Landlords cha

APR 14
Why do Many Candidates for Mayor & NY City Council not Support More Police on the Subways?

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 3d

All but one other candidate for NY City Council in District 1 supports maintaining the police budget (supports #defundthepolice). These candidates running for NY City Council and most candidates for mayor believe that the election, funding and their future in the Democratic Party requires them to be Uber Radical Left, while some actually believe the anti-cop, anti-business and pro-socialist mantr

APR 12
NYC Council Candidate Sean Hayes Supports Battery Alliance

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 4d

Sean Hayes requests your support of Battery Alliance. Battery Alliance is asking for you to "take two minutes to help stop skyrocketing condo ownership costs in BPC by emailing our elected politicians at:" Battery Alliance. Battery Alliances Five-Point Plan is to: All PILOT/Ground Lease increases suspended indefinitely. BPC Ground Lease extended 99 years (beyond 2069). Condo Build

Sean Hayes on Carson's Corner to Discusses the Origin & Solution to the Crime Wave in New York City

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 5d

Sean Hayes and Matthew Granahan appeared on Carson’s Corner with the host Bob Carson. Carson’s Corner is a leading Sports & Political Radio Program. “Sunday, April 11, 2021, we delve into the political landscape and welcome Sean Hayes and Matthew Granahan. Hayes is running for city council in district 1 in New York City. Hayes, a 47 year-old lawyer who heads an international law firm, brings a we

Sean Hayes attended a Rally at New York City Hall to Support School Safety Agents

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 5d

Sean Hayes, today, with only one other Candidate for City Council in the 1st District (Maud Maron) joined prominent leaders in their fight for Safety & Security in schools. The reality is the majority of candidates for City Council and Mayor are hellbent on anti-police rhetoric and this reality is leading to Defunding the Police initiatives that are leading to safety issues in our schools and str

Solution to New York's Crime by Sean Hayes

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 5d

We are in a major crime wave. Is this a sign of a movement back towards the Dark Days of the 80s and early 90s? The stats are telling. The following post considers the crime statistics, cause of the crime wave, dispels the myth of the increase in crime is caused by the pandemic and proposes simple, balanced and common-sense solutions. New York's Violent Crime Statistics The following statistics a

APR 11
My New Friend Lives in Washington Square Park

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 6d

Sean Hayes was a law professor, Dean at the University for Peace (UN University)and led an international law firm. Sean resides in Battery Park City. He is a candidate for NY City Council in District 1. I spent two hours with and had lunch with a new friend today. My friend lives in Washington Square Park. Yes, my new friend is homeless. I met a good, smart and decent man that has gone astray bec

China is an Existential Threat to the U.S. and our Allies. The Story of China's Power over Korea.

by Sean Hayes (Candidate, NYC Council District 1) / 6d

NY Attorney Sean Hayes was a professor of Con. Law, a Research Officer for the Constitutional Court of Korea and is frequently ranked a Top Attorney in Asia. He, presently, heads up an international team of lawyers. He is a candidate for New York City Council. moc.nomiSseyaH|seyaHnaeS#moc.nomiSseyaH|seyaHnaeS . South Korea sits at a salient crossroad with one road leading further towards being a mature liberal democracy


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