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Automatically lint PHP files against multiple PHP versions on GitHub


I've made a free to use PHP action for automatically linting your pull requests against a wide variety of PHP versions. Test your code against PHP5.5 through PHP8.0.

Check if passwords have been compromised in Laravel


An awesome new Laravel 8 validation change is the addition of the uncompromised option for password validation. Check that the users password has not been involved in a password leak!

Driving adoption of Specialized Hardware

by Equinix Metal


Why conventional server CPUs and systems architecture is increasingly inefficient for many workloads.

Pagination with Strapi and Gatsby


If you are using a Strapi backend for your Gatsby site you might notice a lot of the pagination guides are not well suited for you. But fear not, I got you!

Getting random articles in Gatsby


There is no real way in GraphQL to select a random number of articles. You can, however, achieve a somewhat similar affect with pure JavaScript if you have all the content loaded.

Simple plain JavaScript time to read function


Time to read on blog posts is a trending feature and I often see people using heavy, bloated JS to display that. It's actually quite simple to add a quick read time counter to content.

Gatsby MailChimp email list signup


Integrating with Mailchimp to allow your readers to sign up to a newsletter is easy with Gatsby. This guide will provide you with a component to use anywhere on your site to signup new subscribers.

MAY 04
Set the date on Linux without NTP


How to set Linux system time when you can't use NTP, ntpdate, etc. It only needs port 80 or port 443 outbound access!

MAY 03
Setting up Security Headers with Vercel


Vercel provides an easy way to confgure your Security Headers for browsers. This is great with any site deployed via Vercel really, but especially with website frontends.

Securing and Protecting Production Strapi


How to secure Strapi from hackers, enable SSL, get monitoring and performance alerts and more by using an advanced ADC and WAF instead of Nginx.

SendGrid custom headers with Laravel Mail


A quick guide on setting custom headers with the X-SMTPAPI SendGrid feature in Laravel 7/8. This is useful for tracking, marketing, etc.


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