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Marketing versus Sales
On the main differences between Marketing and Sales, and why both matter as much as Engineering

2020-09-30 21:17:09

Tech Leader Pro podcast 4, Reverse delegation
Tech Leader Pro podcast episode 4 : exploring the dangers of reverse delegation and servant leadership

2020-09-22 21:10:51

Verbose versus concise communications
On why concise communications are better than verbosity

2020-09-11 19:04:31

Tech Leader Pro podcast 3, Leading by example
Tech Leader Pro podcast episode 3 : exploring what it actually means to lead by example

2020-09-07 20:10:12

Tech Leader Pro podcast 2, Handling escalations
Tech Leader Pro podcast episode 2 : advice on how a leader can handle escalations

2020-09-01 21:04:30

You are not indispensable
On why the vast majority of employees in a company are not indispensable

2020-08-28 16:49:31

Tech Leader Pro podcast 1, What is leadership
Tech Leader Pro podcast episode 1, exploring for the first episode the question: What is leadership?

2020-08-25 15:40:18

On the daily grind of stoic application of your leadership duties

2020-08-16 17:56:52

Review of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
A review of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk based on a second reading after twenty years

2020-07-20 20:22:17

Born loser
On why winning is hard, and losing is easy when you have an excuse

2020-06-13 19:48:42

The problem is
On why problem staters need to be converted into solution finders

2020-04-04 15:24:53

Review of the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset
A review of this excellent Bluetooth headset for conference calls

2020-01-25 19:23:51

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