The Judgment Call Podcast

The Judgment Call Podcast
A podcast where we talk to risk takers, adventurers, travelers, entrepreneurs and simply mind bogglers.

#74 Ben Seidl (How to rebuild a friendlier ‘Third Space’?)

by Torsten Jacobi / 1d

00:01:46 The genesis of Neyborly and its business model. 00:11:41 Is ‘commercial real estate’ in a secular crisis? What are the reasons for that? Is it (still) to expensive? 00:21:44 How did Neyborly fix the issue of long-term liabilities and short term income (that almost killed WeWork)? 00:29:18 How did Neyborly solve the hard part of multi local marketing? 00:42:03 How Neyborly is fostering a

#73 Ben Narasin (What makes a smart venture investor and how to find one?)

by Torsten Jacobi / 1d

00:01:45 The genesis of Ben’s career as an entrepreneur and venture investor 00:18:57 Are valuations too high for seed stage Venture Capital rounds right now? 00:28:40 What are Ben’s best investments right now and what investments is Ben looking for? 00:34:53 Is there a better way for entrepreneurs to match with a VC? What should they look for? 00:44:59 How ben honed his skill at instant ‘lie det

#72 Jeff Cornwall (Why and how we need to foster entrepreneurship)

by Torsten Jacobi / 1d

00:02:08 How Jeff’s journey to teaching entrepreneurship got started? How does he define entrepreneurship? 00:12:02 Why it is crucial to emphasize risk taking in our society. 00:18:48 Are the opportunities for entrepreneurs diminished? Is it the millennials’ generation ‘fault’ or is it the way we have run the economy? Is the ‘coddling of the American mind’ the problem? 00:28:52 Is venture investm

#71 Prabhu Guptara (Hinduism, India, the world’s monetary system)

by Torsten Jacobi / 1d

00:10:12 Why Europe chooses to be a late adopter (rather than an early adopter)? 00:16:19 Are cryptocurrencies and the blockchain a threat to traditional banks? 00:22:46 What impact will cheap/free education have on the world? 00:30:12 Why India seems to be eternally high on potential but low on promises kept. 00:38:02 The role of Hinduism and the caste system in India. 00:57:15 What is the impac

APR 22
#70 Edward Tenner (The surprising relationship between technology and societal changes)

by Torsten Jacobi / 3d

00:01:34 We were expecting the information and we got the enragement age . What Edward thinks of our Social Media landscape? 00:09:02 What are surprising ‘revenge effects’ of technology in recent history? 00:14:28 How close were the Romans in developing the steam engine? What impact do social developments have on our progress? 00:23:23 What impact does technology alone have on innovation? 00:27:1

#69 Matei Zatreanu (How alternative data is changing the world of finance?)

by Torsten Jacobi / 3d

00:01:43 How Systems2 discovered a world of alternate data and how financial data companies in this space operate? 00:12:23 Can there be a profitable Open Source investment community? 00:25:53 How much time is spent developing algorithms or cleaning datasets in Matei’s work? 00:34:11 What are surprising and low cost datasets one can acquire? 00:44:20 How good are predictions for actions of indivi

APR 21
#68 Jim McNeill (What the Arctic teaches us about humanity)

by Torsten Jacobi / 4d

00:01:53 What drove Jim to start the Ice Warrior project where he trains polar explorers. 00:09:16 How training for the Ice Warrior project actually works? 00:15:21 What sort of personalities typically succeed when Jim runs them through his Arctic training exercises? 00:25:30 The amazing logistics of Jim’s polar expeditions. 00:35:30 Can you drive to the North Pole? What is the difference between

APR 20
#67 Steve Hoffman (Awesome venture investments, the singularity, being a modern explorer)

by Torsten Jacobi / 5d

00:02:26 What is really the difference between an incubator, accelerator and a seed stage fund? How does work with entrepreneurs? 00:07:10 How Steve uses his experiences as a motivational speaker to help startups? 00:11:49 Can major innovation ever come from ‘Big Corporations’? How should it be done? Should we break up large Internet monopoly companies? 00:21:08 Is there a ‘mid-

#66 Michael Graziano (Can we decode consciousness soon?)

by Torsten Jacobi / 5d

00:01:38 What’s the current state of consciousness research? Why there is a surprising amount of progress? 00:09:10 Is the rise of the Homo Sapiens connected to the changes in consciousness? 00:11:43 How does the ‘attention schema’ work that Michael puts forward? 00:15:22 How will machine intelligence adopt consciousness? 00:21:28 What will it take to give self-driving cars consciousness? 00:27:3

APR 15
#65 Peter Boockvar (Inflation or Deflation/ What should the Fed do?/ Best investments right now)

by Torsten Jacobi / 10d

00:01:37 Are we headed for deflation/ inflation or stagflation? How does Peter read the tea leaves? 00:08:33 Is regulation ultimately to blame for inflation ? 00:13:57 Is the Federal Reserve to blame for the current crisis? 00:23:56 How does ‘yield curve’ work? Why is it so important? 00:30:34 How can we improve government policy (and Federal Reserve policy) to increase economic growth? 00:34:43


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